For all your SEO and marketing needs, we create content that is:


All our content is 100% plagiarism-proof. We use Copyscape to make sure all our articles are totally unique as we know the damage copied content can do to your SEO efforts. We strive to create content that will be truly unique, in the purest sense of the word.


Engaging the audience is of the utmost importance and our articles, case studies, blog posts - they all deliver relevant information to potential readers and capture their attention fast. This is the bedrock of good content - engagement.


No matter what kind of content you require, we will come up with the catchiest title possible. The introduction is inviting, the body is always properly segmented with clear and crisp subheading and we strive to come up with exciting conclusions.


Does the content answer the given questions? The difference between an article that is valuable and one that is simple clickbait is that the former delivers information that your audience will find useful. Valuable information builds trust.


Users can relate to content that shows the personal side behind the corporate mask. We can create content one-man operations, and for entire businesses. The audience will see these stories and appreciate your services more.


Content that shares outdated or wrong information is, well, worthless. Here, at Podroom Creative, we understand that research takes up half of the writing process, and we pride ourselves of providing content that is relevant.

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We can write different types of content – from more personal lifestyle blog articles and professional tech-related post to press releases and case studies – on a wide range of topics. The whole process takes three simple steps.

Initial briefing

This is where we talk to you to define the nature and scope of the project, determine the right style, article length and price.

Research and Content Creation

We assign the writing tasks to the writers specialized in a particular topic, then edit them upon completion.

Delivery, Feedback and Edits

We deliver the content to you and wait for your feedback. If needed, we make minor edits to get things just right.

What our customers have to say?

How to Get Started?

1. Contact Us

Send a text, audio or video message that describes your order. For example, the number of articles, the desired word count, the tone you wish to see, the purpose of the content... The more you can tell us at the very start, the better. This is the basis upon which we build our relationship.

2. Negotiation

We know that every project is unique in its own way. That’s why we might not stick to our standard price. For big orders (50 units of content or more), we can offer discounts. However, if the project is too complex, we might have to up the price. Communication is key, and we are easy to talk to.

3. Payment Method

We have several payment methods so that our clients can choose the one that suits them the most. Of course, this will be discussed in detail during the negotiation phase. We can use UpWork and their secure payment system. Other than that, we can go with PayPal, or we can send an invoice to your MasterCard.

4. Results

We will send our content your way when it is done. You can review it and provide feedback at your earliest convenience. We know that edits are a standard part of any writing job, therefore, if you wish to have something changed, we will adhere. However, the chances of that happening are minimal.

What to Expect?

Great Grammar and Vocabulary:

Impeccable grammar and a writing style that is tailored to fit your niche and your brand voice.

Fresh, Crips and To the Point:

We don’t rehash old information, we create something new and interesting that your target audience will enjoy.

High-quality, royalty-free images:

Great visuals make the content more engaging so that it grabs people’s attention when shared on social media.

Clear Communication:

We make sure that we understand all the details of the project and what the client wants before we start writing.


We understand that edits are a necessary part of any assignment will offer as many revisions as required.

Timely Delivery:

We always make sure to set realistic deadlines based on the difficulty of the project and the length of the articles.

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